Amy Daly – Horny afternoon

Amy Daly is a very horny and hot tranny, and from this day onwards she promises to bring you the best of the best of her content every week. And today she makes her debut here with her first scene that she’s really eager and proud to show off to you. This debuting gallery of hers is quite interesting as she gets to show off her self pleasing skills as she jerks off on her big and thick cock for your entertainment. So let’s not waste any more time guys and just watch what she brings for you. And you can be sure that it will be quite the sight to look at.

As the scene starts off this busty and sexy lady will show off her jerking off skills as she takes off her panties and reveals that she’s packing quite a serious cock underneath her sexy clothes today. So sit back and see her stoking her big penis for your viewing pleasure everyone. We said that AmyDaly will bring you some nice scenes and as you can see she desired to start off things quite in force today. watch each and every picture with this beauty as she jerks off fast and hard on her big cock. Then see her as she also blows her big load for a nice finish.


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Shemale Threesome

Amy Daly is here with another hot scene for you guys. This time she brought two of her best friends with her. These three of course finished their day by fucking each other’s butthole. They met at Amy’s place for lunch and of course nothing from what they planned happened. They said that after lunch they’ll go shopping but that didn’t happen either. While helping Amy in the kitchen Mandy got a bit horny and started playing with Juliette right in front of Amy. She couldn’t stay away so they left the food and moved all the fun in the bedroom. These three hot trannies ended up in their lingerie taking turns on each other’s cock sucking and riding as well. It was an amazing scene and you shouldn’t miss it out. If you enjoyed our three hotties you must see for more trannies getting fucked in hot scenes. Enjoy it and see you guys later with more of Amy’s insane updates!

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Playing with her cock

A fresh new video is about to cheer you up and you better have a look at this scene cause it’s truly impressive! Amy Daly got really fired up lately and she really wanted to do something about her erection! The moment she got home she jumped straight into the bed, getting rid of her clothes and starting to play with her amazing body. She is more than happy to grab that immense cock and start jerking it off with her palms, stroking that monster tool with her palms. You definitely have to see the entire action, cause she is going to let you see exactly how is she going to cum!

She will slide her hands up and down, stroking that immense cock with her palms, until it got so big that she had to explode, spreading all her creamy jizz all over the place! Have a wonderful time watching the entire action and get ready to see many other incredible scenes! See also an additional video, to see another hot tranny fucking hardcore!

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Shemale Amy Daly

Shemale Amy Daly is back with another steamy update for you guys. You gotta see her jerking off her dick in front of the camera. She can’t do a thing without her camera, she really loves sharing all of this with you. Amy loves playing with herself and that keeps her busy most of the time. No surprise there! But somehow she makes it more and more interesting with each episode. It’s just like you are there with her, in the middle of the action.

Amy was home today so she decided to shoot another great episode for you guys. It’s been too long since her last episode and she knows it. She was so busy, but now she really wants to make it up for all those missed updates. It didn’t took her too long to get her dick out and to started rubbing in while recording everything with her camera. This was all for today, but make sure you return to see more of our favorite shemale in action. Enjoy it!


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Amy Daly Shemale

Everyone knows Amy Daly shemale beauty that she is. She’s one of the best you are going to find in the business and for today she brought you another proof of that. Amy has a pretty nice ass fucking scene prepared for you guys. We told you that she has something really special prepared. The slutty shemales had a hell of a time blowing one another’s dick and then showing them deep in one other’s ass. Everything, of course, happened with the cameras on them and the girls didn’t say no to a lot of things in this video. So you must watch it!

Amy couldn’t wait to get her co-worker to her place and to get her big dick up her ass. The two hot trannies were sharing the same office so it wasn’t too hard for them to start something. They fucked a couple of times in the office but this time they didn’t want to hurry things up so they went to Amy’s place for a more private place, where no one was going to disturb them in the middle of the action. See them in action below!

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Amy TS Fuck

Hey there and welcome back for more! Everyone heard about Amy Daly TS. She’s this gorgeous shemale that loves dick more than anything. In today’s update, you’ll get to see her in action, getting tied and fucked by one of her friends. The slutty shemales love spicing things up from time to time and they usually try all kind of kinky things. Amy loves being the one getting all the attention and she knew that this will going to be her night. She was undressed, got her hands and her legs tied up and from that point on it was only pleasure. So we get a really good look at her hot body one more time.

She got her dick sucked and jerked off and then Amy got to fuck her hot friend too. She had the finest ass that she saw so she definitely enjoyed banging it in front of the rolling camera. Amy always brings you guys her hottest scenes, so make sure you check this one out entirely and let up know what you think about it. This was all for all today’s update but please come back for more shemale updates. Enjoy it and see you guys next time!


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Amy Daly Pics

Hey there we are back as promised with more hot pics of your favorite tranny. We got more Amy Daly pics for you guys. The hot tranny had a great time earlier this day jerking off her dick in front of the camera and she sent us the entire scene. Like we said so many times before, she can’t make a move without her camera. She was watching some porn in her living room and while she was jerking off to it, she turned on the camera too. She knows how much you guys enjoy seeing her in action and although it’s a solo scene it’s still a great one. The hot tranny, Amy, offered us some amazing shots of her dick, a lot of close ups so you must check it out. Hope you guys liked this one as much as we did. We have a surprise for you guys for next time because Amy got really kinky in it and she’s not alone. That sounds pretty good, right? We’ll share it with you guys next time so make sure you check us out tomorrow.


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